The Spirit of India: Drama series.

In 1919 due to the high demand for their latest SILVER GHOST by mega rich Maharajas Rolls Royce established its first showroom on the Indian sub continent in Calcutta. The Great War to end all wars is finally over, sales are booming.

If requested by the Maharaja’s, Rolls would also supply a British chauffeur to drive and maintain the car........MORE

In the near future, Ireland, in the fierce grip of the global economic melt down and suffering the financial burden of hosting 8 straight wins of the Eurovision Song Contest, sells the entire county of Kerry, its people and resources to a major entertainment corporation. Their intention is to run the county as an egalitarian real life 18th century interactive theme park. The SIMMs of the modern age.....MORE

'You never really know someone until they are dead'

As is routine and standard practice, Raj, a medical student at Cambridge University, is assigned a corpse in his first year, a John doe, to practice basic anatomy.

To his initial shock and horror it quickly becomes apparent his corpse is that of his late father who anonymously left his body to medical science........MORE

Shortlisted by the BBC from over 2500 scripts.

The action takes place during one day in a small north Essex village in 1934.

Our journey through this infamous and bizarre day enfolds through our hero family, the Morgans, as they help the village prepare for the autumn dance and their father begins work on a new race of giant North American frogs (Fact based) with which he hopes to secure their future.


Peter Findley production designer & supervising art director