'You never really know someone until they are dead'

As is routine and standard practice, Raj, a medical student at Cambridge University is assigned a corpse in his first year, a John doe,  to practice basic anatomy.

To his initial shock and horror it quickly becomes apparent his corpse is that of his late father who anonymously left his body to medical science.

After some soul searching he decides to say nothing, if anyone is to dissect his father surely it should be his own son.

During his explorations, the voyage inside his Father, reveals many extraordinary things.

He had scars from bullet wounds, early stage Syphilis and signs of drug abuse.

This is not the Father he knew, the dull bureaucrat, the family man, the Volvo driver….

As Raj continues on his morbid journey we see flash backs to his Fathers extraordinary life as told by the cold flesh that now lays on the slab before him.

Finally Raj learns the most shocking truth of all…………

Peter Findley production designer & supervising art director